Scott Thomason - Principal

Mr. Thomason - Principal
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Hello CPMA Families.  

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!  After living through the journey that was 2020 and COVID, I am sure, like me, you were all looking forward to a return to normal when school resumed this fall.  Unfortunately, I think the bar for what constitutes normal has shifted in recent days.  Now, we live in a world of Mask Mandates, Online Learning, and Contact Tracing. But, despite all that, we are back in the classroom and excited about learning once more.

This year, our focus will be on shifting from a traditional grading format to one of Standards-Based learning and Grading.  What this means for you and your students is that a greater emphasis will be placed on meeting and exceeding mastery as opposed to simple compliance with the assigned work.  Students who are used to the rigors of work will be pushed to extend their thinking in preparation for High School and beyond.  Those who need more assistance will be given increased opportunity to make up work, re-do assignments, and improve their grade by increasing their overall mastery of the standards being taught. 

To do this we, as a site, are introducing the concept of Universal Design for learning.  UDL encourages teachers to present the learning in multiple ways that give students choice in how they absorb the information being taught.  It also gives students the opportunity to express their understanding in a variety of ways as opposed to the old ‘One size fits all’ assessments of the past.  Our goal is to encourage student agency and allow them to be the drivers of their own learning.

Additionally, we will be incorporating a ton of Social Emotional supports and learning for students as they work to refresh and renew their commitment to school and the structures of the classroom.  This new emphasis includes an empowerment over cultural identity and encourages students to explore their individual interests and passions, whether they be artistic in nature or lie in other arenas. 

So, sit back, get involved, or simple encourage your students to let go of the past and focus on building a bright future ahead of them.

See you around campus,

Mr. Thomason, Principal

**Principal (open) zoom meetings:  If you ever want to talk face to face (via zoom), email me and we can jump into a zoom session.  See you then.

**Zoom meeting ID: 958 981 2857




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